Hide Online: Hunt or be Hunted in this Fun Action Game

HitRock Games puts a twist on our classic favorite childhood game hide-and-seek with Hide Online. In this game, players will be forced to think outside the box. Moreover, things we commonly do in hide-and-seek such as hiding in corners or going inside closets will be no more. Instead, we have guns and props to help you in the game. The seeker will have the guns while those who hide are turned into props. Everything becomes more challenging with Hide Online, the revamped version of the classic hide-and-seek game.

The Prop Hunt Genre

This game is from the prop hunt genre. It may be not mainstream yet, but it is a rising star in the gaming community. It has been adopted by many game developers. This is because it provides players a unique experience and at the same time, gives them some sense of familiarity. Just like in this game, it has the main elements of a hide-and-seek game. However, it has additional rules such as shooting or turning others into animals. These additional rules make the game more exciting. Aside from that, it spices up a classic, bland game as well.

Be the Hunter

Get locked and loaded as you start hunting for suspicious items that may be the ones you’re looking for. Make sure to focus on your surroundings and take note of any kind of movement. Once you’ve seen your target, start shooting them until their life bar depletes.


However, be careful of shooting around, there are consequences of misfiring. Aside from that, you have to avoid being turned into an animal as well. Nonetheless, being a hunter can be a lot of fun, especially for those who are quick on their feet and aware of their surroundings.

Take the Role of a Prop & Hide

On the other hand, being a prop can be very exhilarating. You have to hide from the hunters by turning into different objects. You can be a can, a cup of coffee, a vending machine, a chair–anything you want! Just make sure not to get caught by the hunters and get shot by them.

In addition, you can hide in places where you’ll be inconspicuous to the hunters. You can hide behind a box, above a container, or even stay in plain sight. One of the things that make this game exciting is the act of camouflage or blending with other normal objects. Just don’t make any movements that will attract a hunter.

Although, props don’t go defenseless. They also have their own form of defense that acts as an offense. They can turn hunters into animals! Just make sure to be subtle with it or else you’ll get shot. Your turn is over once your life bar gets depleted.

Game Features

  • Hunters can spice up their appearances by getting skins.
  • So many special maps to choose from!
  • Fight against other players with its multiplayer feature.
  • Communicate with other players using cool stickers..
  • Each game update gives you something new that improves your game experience.

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Hide Online: Hunt or be Hunted in this Fun Action Game