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Hide Online: Easy Props Hiding Guide for the Players

Let’s be real, in Hide Online, hunters have a higher probability of winning than the props. It’s not easy to face those guns and grenades. To be honest, hunters are quite overpowered with their arsenals. Because of this, props tend to lose every round. But fret not, here are tips and tricks that will help you as a prop. Here, we will be talking about the best hiding tips that will make you a better prop. Also, it will put you ahead of the game. It is high time for props to rise above the hunters!


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In this guide, we will be dividing the hiding spots into its corresponding maps. Also, we will only be covering some major maps. Don’t worry, this would still be a big help to your props game.

The Hangar

To have the advantage in this map, it is better to be a soda can since it is small. Aside from that, it can also fit in tight spaces, making it easy to hide. To start, go to the room with computers on the second floor. There, you will see tables with computers, inspect each one of them. Then, find the one with a wide enough gap for you to fit behind the computers. After that, you’re all good.

Another one is behind the highest container. Go on top of the stacked containers and get behind it. Although the space is quite big and it’s not infallible, it is still a pretty good place to hide. Next, you can go on top of the door frame. Beside the door frame, there will be a cabinet for you to jump on so you can get on top. This is a great hiding spot and is quite hard to notice even though you’re in plain sight.

Lastly, you can hide inside one of the containers especially behind the door since it’s not easily noticed. Aside from that, once your cover is blown, it’s easy to escape the hunters.

Mall Map Hiding Spots

Just like the hangar, it is better to be a soda can on this map as well. It has a size advantage so it’s easier to hide. First, go to the lower floor and find the room with sports gear. Find the cabinet with two balls beside each other and go there. Nestle at the wall and just sit tight as you hide from the hunters.

Next, you go on the second floor and get on top of the railings. Then, jump towards the palm tree in the middle. You can go higher to the second palm tree but you cannot go to the highest one. Lastly, you can hide behind the huge plant pot. These hiding spots may not be 100% foolproof, but they will surely buy you some time.

Office Map in Hide Online

Here, instead of a soda can, you should go as a coffee cup. It is the same as the soda can with its size. Your first hiding place here would be on top of the office cabinet. It may be quite simple and perhaps predictable, it is still a good spot. And lastly, just like the container in the hangar, you can hide at the wall beside the door. It is not easily noticeable and it gives you an easy way out as well.

These hiding spots may not always be effective during the game. That is why it is important as well to be quick on your feet so that you can easily escape the hunters. Test your hiding skills now in Hide Online. Download and Play the game for free!