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Hide Online: Halloween is Here to Play Hide & Seek

The spookiest event of the year finally arrives and Hide Online could not miss it. This game never forgets their loyal player base and keeps on giving them something to look forward to. Unlike some other game developers who neglect their player base once the game reaches its peak, this one is different. HitRock Games makes sure the players get their fill by giving them seasonal updates and upgrades. This is one of Hide Online’s charms that keeps millions of players hooked into the game.

Just like its previous seasonal updates, the new stuff in store for the players is quite similar. Just like the summer and winter updates, players receive new skins, weapons, and maps. Players will definitely have a lot of fun getting the new stuff that will make their gaming experience more interesting.

Halloween Grabs in Hide Online

In the latest Halloween update, players may have the following:

  • A new, special map and Halloween gift that players can enjoy
  • Three Halloween packs with a lot of cool stuff in store for everyone\
  • Three brand new sticker packs and more free stickers to make communication more colorful between the players
  • Other minor changes and improvements that make the game a lot more better


hide online hunter halloween


Aside from these, players will receive a free container which will only be available until the end of the event. That’s why players must log in to the game so that they can get the freebies and more.

There are so many things to look forward to in Hide Online. Moreover, this game is more than just a specialized hide-and-seek game. Here, you can show your personality through skins. You can also make communication with other players more interesting through stickers. Moreover, there are a lot of new maps and new props that players can definitely enjoy.

Hide Online is sure to be worth your time. It has funky gameplay, exciting multiplayer features, and lots more stuff in store. It will definitely make you love the game more. The game developer, HitRock Games, will surely not abandon this game anytime soon. With its millions of patrons, it’s a game that is hard to just discontinue. Check out the game by downloading it here for free!