How to Play Hide Online

Hide Online has the basic elements of a hide-and-seek game. Here, there will be players who are in charge of looking for hidden players. The game is over when all of the hidden players are found. However, in this game by HitRock Games, there are additional features to look forward to. This game puts the extra fun in the mundane hide-and-seek that we used to play as children. Although it has extra features, it doesn’t make the game complicated at all. Here, we will be explaining the basic know-how of the game through its major roles.

How to be a Hunter in Hide Online

Being a hunter means finding the other hidden players in the game. However, instead of tagging them once found like the original game, you must shoot them. The hidden player gets eliminated once their life bar depletes. Once everyone gets eliminated, the hunters win.

But here’s the twist, the other players aren’t just hidden, they are disguised as props. Now, it is up to the keen sight of the hunter to find which one is the real player. Be careful, however, shooting inanimate props will cost your life bar. Although, you may shoot props randomly to check but make sure not to do it too much. This is why having extra sensitivity towards movement is very important. Once you see something moving, shoot it immediately.




If you’re having trouble with pesky props, a grenade is there to help you. For multiple props moving, you can hit them all at once by throwing a grenade. However, you can’t do it consecutively, there is a time cooldown after you throw one. It won’t be long, though, so don’t worry.

Being a hunter requires sharp sight and quick movements. Make sure you have those qualities to win the game.

Hiding & Taunting as a Prop

On the other hand, we have the players as props. They are the ones hidden throughout the game and the target of the hunters. To win the game, you must survive the entire 3 minutes without having your life bar depleted.

As a prop, you can hide anywhere you like. You can go on top of a cabinet, behind a box, or under a trampoline. Moreover, you can even blend with your surroundings and hide in plain sight. Unlike the usual hide-and-seek where you have to stay in one place until it’s over, here you can move around. You can switch places or props in case you want to change your strategy. As long as you won’t get caught, it’s all good.

If you’re being cornered by a hunter, you have your defense mechanism to escape. You can turn them into animals! Turning hunters into animals render them useless for a while. Moreover, if you’re quite mischievous, you can taunt hunters. But be careful not to end up getting caught.




How to Download Hide Online

Now that you know how to play the game, it’s time to learn how to get the game. Downloading is quite easy as long as you follow these instructions:

  1. Find the bright yellow download button and click on it to start.
  2. Once the program finishes downloading, run the program to start installing.
  3. When it’s done, open the program and search for the game title.
  4. Download the game.
  5. Enjoy playing Hide Online!

Once it’s all done, you now have endless fun with Hide Online. Download and play this action-packed hide-and-seek game now!