About Hide Online: More than just a Hide & Seek Game

Hide Online is a game for players who are tired of complex games that befuddles their minds. But also craving for something unique and exhilarating at the same time. This game, brought to you by HitRock Games, gives players an exciting experience in a mundane premise.

This revamped hide-and-seek game focuses on the strife between the hunters and the props. The props, as players, hide in inconspicuous places or camouflage in plain sight. On the other hand, the hunters will look for them. The fun starts as the hunters detect movement from the props and start shooting them. On the other hand, props can taunt hunters or turn them into animals as well.




In Hide Online, the hunters win if they were able to eliminate all of the props. Meanwhile, the props win if they get to survive after 3 minutes. After each round, players will be given currency; which you can use for skins, stickers, weapons, and taunts.

Non-Stop Fun in Hide Online

Although the game is simple and fast-paced, you won’t easily get tired of this game. This game has special and unique maps that make things less repetitive. Each round is a surprise for the players as you face new stages and new players.

Get your hands into Hide Online and experience the adrenaline rush from playing hide-and-seek. The gameplay is simple yet addicting and players are sure to have a great time. Hunt, or be hunted in this prop hunt game. Download and play now!